Custom Design - Pallet Board

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Is there a quote that speaks to your soul? A family motto that reminds you of childhood? Something that makes you laugh? Has something caught your eye but you're not sure where to find it? Our Custom design option is just the thing for you! We'll work with you to make your vision come true. Up to three proofs are included in the price.

 Our Pallet boards are 15" x 20" in size.

You can choose to add a frame to your project.

Please note that if choosing a framed board, you will receive a smooth board with a frame instead of a pallet-style board. Also note that the board size will be slightly bigger when the frame is added.

This project is available to paint at one of our workshops in our studio, at a private party or event, at home in a Maker Kit To-Go, or to purchase already completed by one of our instructors.